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Our trucks are bigger than many of our competitors’, allowing us to haul more trash away at once. Incredibly, we offer the most affordable prices in Oakdale, CA. What this means is that we can junk more trash for lesser prices than our competitors. You can’t get this anywhere else. ​

The Best Team

We are proud to say this; we have the best trash hauling team in Oakdale, California. Members of our crew are highly experienced and have the right license and insurance, so you can rest assured when using our services. All our employees also pass through thorough screening before we hire them.

We Care About You

You rarely find a company that cares about you. With Big Blue Junk Removal services in Oakdale, we do, a lot. That is why we make certain to understand what you want so that we can do an outstanding job. No matter how small or big the job is; we also ensure you are delighted with our services.

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Oakdale Junk Removal - Wanna Know The Types Of Items We Remove?

Appliance Removal Oakdale

Basic Junk Removal

Tackle the chaos of clutter with our assistance, conquering the junk beast one pile at a time. Whether it's a surplus of items, old boxes, or an overwhelming amount of trash dominating your space, we've got your back. Our team of junk-clearing champions is ready to swiftly collect and dispose of all unwanted items, leaving you with a clutter-free environment.

Commercial Junk Removal Oakdale

Commercial Junk Hauling

Attention, business proprietors - we understand the hustle and bustle of your daily operations, managing a multitude of tasks simultaneously. The last thing on your agenda should be dealing with unwanted junk. That's where we step in! Our team of junk experts will swoop into your office or business space with unmatched speed, ensuring that clutter disappears quickly.

Old Chair Removal Oakdale

Furniture Removal

Is that worn-out couch or creaky chair hindering your enjoyment of the game? Fear not; we won't scrutinize your team's performance, but we will ensure you have ample space for new furniture. Our furniture removal service guarantees a swift elimination of that eyesore from your life, faster than your team can endure another loss!

Big Blue Junk Removal Oakdale

Appliance Removal

Do you have a refrigerator that's chilled its last beer or a microwave that's cooked it last burrito? No judgments here. At Big Blue Junk Removal, we understand the challenges of disposing of appliances. However, there's no need to stress! Our team takes care of all safety precautions, ensuring your old appliances are properly disposed of.

Storage Shed Removal Oakdale

Small Demo Work

Is your space occupied by an old hot tub, shed, or trampoline, hogging more room than your in-laws during Thanksgiving dinner? Worry not; our team is equipped to handle the heavy lifting and demolition for you. We arrive ready to tackle any small demolition work, allowing you to relax while we manage the dirty work.

Yard Waste Removal Oakdale

Yard Waste Removal

Mother Nature may leave your yard looking like a debris-filled jungle, but fear not - Big Blue Junk Removal is here to restore order! Our team will clear away all yard waste cluttering your lawn, from bothersome leaves to prickly branches and outdated bushes. Upon completion, we ensure that all waste is recycled, proving that yard waste can indeed be eco-friendly.

What Makes Us Different From Other Oakdale Junk Removal Services?

At our Oakdale, CA location, Big Blue Junk Removal stands out as more than just your ordinary junk removal company. What distinguishes us is our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service. As a family-owned business, we prioritize our customers, ensuring that each job surpasses their expectations. Equipped with top-tier tools and trucks, our skilled team is prepared to tackle any junk removal task, regardless of its size or complexity.

For a prompt, thorough, professional, and cost-effective junk removal service in Oakdale, CA, opt for Big Blue Junk Removal.

Ready To Kick Your Junk To The Curb?

Here Is How Our Top-Notch Junk Removal Services Work

Step #1 - Get In Touch

All it takes is a quick call or email, and we'll be there to help out. We'll figure out a day and time that works for you to send our crew over and take away your stuf

Step #2 - Set A Date

Our junk removal team is determined to help you get rid of clutter. We'll give you a friendly call 15 minutes before we arrive so that you know we're on our way to tackle that mess.

Step #3 - Let's Clean Up

When it's time to get things done, we'll roll up our sleeves, flex our muscles, and haul away all the stuff you don't want. Our team will handle everything, so you can just relax and watch as we say goodbye to the mess and hello to your tidy space.

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Nica Fuentes
Nica Fuentes
I've reached out to Big Blue on several occasions. I cannot express how pleased I am each time with their fast responses. They are quick and professional. Thank you! I will reach out again soon for Spring cleaning.
Josh Belding
Josh Belding
These guys are killer!! Fast, professional, and kind. I'd recommend them 10/10. Make sure to give them a call before going with anyone else. You won't regret it.
Betty Bell
Betty Bell
Quick and tidy a bit pricey but easier then taking it to the dump.
Brandon and his guys are a great bunch of people did great job on numerous occasions
Elizabeth Carey
Elizabeth Carey
These guys are always pleasant and efficient use them whenever I need assist with removal
Damon Papst
Damon Papst
Top Notch Service! Brandon and his crew do a great job. Respectable and fast. Big Blue is the crew to use. I highly recommend it!
Vanessa Loera
Vanessa Loera
This is the 2nd time we have used this company and they are great!! They are very prompt, excellent rates and same day pick up . Communication is great and very friendly. Highly recommend!
Taliah Jones
Taliah Jones
Great service, quick scheduling, friendly employees. Will definitely use again.
Michael Montantes
Michael Montantes
Great job and on time
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